Guide to Fossils in Caves – Presentation by Paleontologists

Professional paleontologists provide an in-depth guide on identifying fossils in caves. Find out what to do if you find a bone/fossil in a cave, and features to look for in identifying species or genera. Every caver has come across bones or fossil specimens of some type–so this is great information for every caver to know! *Video starts with an announcement from NSS Director Stephen Gladieux!

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J.A. Clardy
J.A. Clardy
October 8, 2020 5:46 pm

The fossils I’m presently caving with I believe have survived the Permian Age. Saber-tooth Tiger bones are the oldest mammal I’ve seen. They date back to an age when our species had long ago mated with another humanoid species. Consensually or non-consensually. We do know which species has been prosecuted for continued cross-species attractions. DNA has been extracted from European cave graves. Dug by a species other than our own for their dead. Thus, it is now possible to identify former Stone Age Europeans. As found today with an ancient heritage. I’ve had paid DNA analysis, 80% European, and are… Read more »