AGM 2019 Videos are All Online!

Did you miss a presentation from AGM 2019? Or perhaps you just want to relive all the action?!? Either way we’ve got you covered.

A mission of the NRMG is to provide long-term documentation for cave history just like these talks… so expect more videos in the future!

Here’s all the videos we have for you below:

  • Mike Kaczmarek: Pictures from a misspent youth
  • Doug Warner: The 2nd Deepest Cave in the Western Hemisphere: Cueva Cheve
  • Juan Laden: Ten Years of the Costa, Maja, Connecting “the Cave”, keeping the divers busy
  • Carl Froslie: Lost Creek Siphon: The Challenge Continues
  • Mike McEachern: Fossil Rivers and Karst Gold: Ancient Caves of the California Mother Lode
  • Will Boekel: Underground Photos from the Past Couple Years
  • The Bigfork High School Cave Club: E-Cave and its Potential
  • Carl Froslie: Alpine Caving
  • Renato Dalle Mule: Underground Italia
  • Mike Kaczmarek: Ram’s Horn Cave – Memories Revisited
  • Daryl Greaser: The Scapegoat Cave System
  • Rene Ohms: Fort Stanton Cave and Snowy River
  • Dan Bachen & Lauri Hanauska-Brown: White Nose Syndrome…Where, What, and What Now
  • Ellen Whittle: Finding Volehalla and Other Arctic Caves
  • Julia Smit: Lewis and Clark Caverns Gets a Little Brighter
  • Hans Bodenhamer: The Silvertip Cave System
  • Adam Weaver: Caving in the Black Hills of South Dakota
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