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How do I obtain a list of caves in my area?

The best way to find caves in your area is by becoming a member of the grotto. As a member, you will have access to caving trips, meetings, and our member forums where you can introduce yourself and meet other cavers in your area. As a rule, cave locations are not published in order to help protect the cave.


I represent a business, group or agency. How do we develop a cooperative relationship?

Use the Contact Us form and give us the details. We have cooperative relationships with equipment manufacturers, land owners, and government agencies.


How do I become a member?

Click the PayPal button on our homepage. Dues are $12/year/household.

How do I pay without a PayPal account?

Click on the PayPal button, click on “No Pay Pal account? Pay with your credit or debit card” 

How do I pay with a company credit card or when the “Ship To” and “Bill To” addresses are different?

Using the PayPal interface, use the Billing address associated with the credit card. Member profile information is independent of payment information.

How do I change my email address?

Simply email us and let us know. Your email is tied to your electronic payment, but may be changed by any administrator. Use the Contact Us form.

How do I change my username?

Your username can only be changed by Administrators. Message nrmgadmin to have this done. (Technically, WordPress does not allow this; we simply create a new account for you).


“How do I upload an avatar picture like CaveTrolls or Karstonauts?”

With BuddyPress, you can add or delete your avatar right on site! Just click on “Profile” and Edit, Change Avatar. When you upload the picture, you can resize the frame to make it all fit. Alternatively, you can use a Gravatar which will show up on everysite you login to with the same username / email address.

Go to gravatar.com and sign up with the same email address you registered with this website. A Gravatar is a globally-recognized avatar that will show up on many different sites you may register with. Make sure you specify your gravatar is “Rated PG or G” in order for it to show up on the site, thanks! (This is a family-friendly site, objectionable avatars will result in account deletion or suspension)


“How do I subscribe to the forums?

In the forums, you can subscribe to specific topics to receive notifications that the topic has been updated.

“I can’t log in, even though it accepts my password. What’s wrong?”

Clean out your browser’s cache – this usually does the trick. If not, consider easing your security restrictions.
Use Google to figure out how to clear your particular browser. Typically, it is found with “Clear All History” functions.

“I’ve been getting this message when I try to log in the past few days:
503: Service Temporarily Unavailable Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area! Please contact Support if you need assistance.”

If you attempt to login to from too many IP addresses (computers, smart phones, tablets) in a short period of time, security features of the software will lock you out. This feature is to prevent members from sharing their password, however, as one member found out, it can happen when you travel, etc. Send us an email and we’ll reset your account!

“I’m using Internet Explorer version x and the website isn’t rendering properly. What’s wrong?”

Our website does not support Internet Explorer (ostensibly the worst browser on the market). We suggest using Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, or Mozilla’s Firefox for the best user experience.

More FAQs coming soon!

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Larry Harman

did a little cave exploring 50 years ago with my room mate Joe Loos and I think Bill Vincent Did a cave out of White Sulpher Springs and one north of lander Wyoming. it was a lot of fun Life got in the way and have not been back since.


How do I add other household members to the membership database/website?

Answer: Simply use the Contact Us with this additional information: desired username (“montanacaver” etc), Names, email, and phone number of your housemates. We will manually add accounts for them. All household members hold voting rights at the Annual Grotto Meeting.) (we hope to update this process soon)

Ann Brooks

Is there a way to look at trip reports from the past? Both to learn from another person’s trip and to see if we remembered to submit a trip report when we said we would….?