NRMG Special Presentation Series – Watch Full Recordings Here!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and provided these excellent presentations! This page includes the full list of recorded presentations from our virtual sessions in spring and fall of 2020.

Happy watching!

Fall 2020

  • Derek Bristol – Great Expectations Cave 2020: Derek Bristol “goes deep” in the background and current status of Great Expectations. Experience the suffocating low ceilings and cold water of the Grim Crawl, the fossils of the Cephalopod Malt Shop, and the airy volume of the Great Hall. Did he break the thru-trip speed record? Watch and find out!

Spring 2020

  • Daryl Greaser – Spacegoat 2019: Return to Scapegoat : Daryl Greaser recounts the good, the bad, and the ugly details of the 2019 expedition to the Scapegoat Wilderness. If you’re looking for an entertaining time with some colorful language, this presentation is a wild ride.

  • John Fioroni – International Expedition to Cuba : Expedition organizer John Fioroni gives a fascinating glimpse into the history, culture, and current status of Cuban caving, where the average cave passage is so large, a car could be driven through it.

  • USFS Paleontologists – Guide to Fossils in Caves : Professional paleontologists provide an in-depth guide on identifying fossils in caves. They explain what to do if you find a bone/fossil in a cave, and features to look for in identifying species or genera. Every caver has come across bones or fossil specimens of some type–so this is great information for every caver to know!

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