Garza Scholarship for students to attend NSS Convention 2019

The NSS is pleased to announce that four scholarships of $500 each to attend the 2019 NSS Convention in Cookeville, Tennessee have been generously donated by Ernie Garza (NSS 13484 CM-FE). The scholarships are to be awarded to help fund the cost of students to attend the convention and may be used for registration, travel, food, etc.

To apply for the scholarship, send an email to and discuss your financial need, general background in caving, your interest in attending during the convention (lectures, vertical training, caving, session presentation, etc.), your current status as a student, and how receiving the award will benefit you and the mission of the NSS. This must all fit in no more than three paragraphs, or less than 250 words.

Deadline to apply is March 31, 2019. A decision will be announced by April 15th.

NOTE: we’re looking at extending the deadline to April 15 so that it can get announced in the NSS News. This is an incredibly generous donation  by Ernie to help some students make it to the NSS Convention. Most Texas Cavers know Ernie and his long term commitment to caving in Texas and Mexico.

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