Trip to the Tip: Silvertip Expedition (Recorded Presentation)

“The 2020 Silvertip Expedition lasted about two weeks, from July 26th through August 9th. Four of the days were dedicated to hiking (two days in and two days out) and eleven dedicated to caving. The first week of the expedition was spent in the South Cirque re-exploring and surveying in Moon Ray Cave, Greenhouse Cave, Glissade Cave, Run to Blood Cave, as well as ridgewalking. The second week was spent in the North Cirque surveying leads via the Easy Out entrance to the Silvertip system as well as exploring and surveying a new cave, Peace Cave. The second week also hosted two photo trips, one to Freezen Cave and one to Blood Cave.

The expedition was led by Myra Jamison and had ten participants: Jason Ballensky, Tristan Stahl, Georgia Schneider, Irina Tabarana (the woman behind the lense of all of our great photos), Steve Johnston, Penelope Vorster, Philip Moneyhun, Reilly Blackwell, Brian Gindling and Dustin Kisner. . 

In total the team was able to survey approximately 4,384ft, a large portion of which was virgin or previously unsurveyed cave!”

–Dustin Kisner

Read the trip full length trip-report here!

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